Why You Need A Guide For Your Next Duck Hunting Outing



Numerous bird hunters hire outfitters at times, and it’s easy to see why. Outfitters can give skilled direction and great locations to hunt, and they might be your great asset for a bucket-list trip. Yet hiring a guide can be complicated, leaving you confused regarding the most effective one, what to ask and what to anticipate. When you’re about to put cash down on a waterfowl hunt, these questions can leave you perplexed. Don’t stress – below are some tips to help navigate the process of selecting a duck and goose outfitter.

What to Ask an Outfitter

Hunters need to have detailed discussions with prospective outfitters on lots of topics, including accommodations, available amenities and what to anticipate from a hunt. It is also necessary to get recommendations from that guide’s previous customers, including hunters who didn’t fill their bag limits.

Important topics to review with the guide are the types of birds available for the time of year, conditions, needed equipment, lodging and a general run-through of the hunt. Ask detailed questions and listen closely to their answers. Remember, you’re investing your hard-earned cash on the trip.

Hunter’s expectations can vary. Some people who simply want to fire at a few birds and appreciate a location’s setting. Others might be seeking a certain waterfowl types, such as a canvasback or eider. And other people may want to talk about hunting with other hunters, lounge in four-star lodging while enjoying dishes from acclaimed chefs.

What Trustworthy Guides Should Supply

Like hunter expectations, different guides provide different types of service. Some give rather informal semi-guided hunts, but others provide hands-on solutions for every step of a trip. Trustworthy guides need to offer up-front information concerning what they use as well as what duck hunters can expect. 

An outfitter or guide ought to provide everything they advertise. That is whatever the expectations of the hunt are what you need to expect. Every great outfitter has a complex understanding of the land and water, his equipment, safety plans and the birds that are being sought. They have backup plans to their back-up strategies and are representing the location and all its grandeur to their customers. Problems, bird activity and weather conditions change daily. The outfitter must be discussing those changes so everybody has a fundamental understanding of what to anticipate during their adventure.

What to Anticipate from a Hunt

Hunters should maintain practical expectations regarding guided hunts. The expectation of guaranteed shots at birds is a misconception. Customers ought to anticipate what the outfitter has assured. Waterfowl differ from most animals. They can be here today and gone tomorrow. Waterfowl don’t always have established patterns that they adhere to. Bird activity can alter dramatically depending upon weather and water levels hundreds of miles north of where you’re hunting. Every day is different. There are a lot of variables that enter into a hunting trip. It’s the responsibility of every hunter to review his expectations with their guide or outfitter.


After you’ve done your research and scheduled with a reliable guide, the rest of the trip will depend upon the elements. Hopefully they’ll work together, providing you and your guide birds and good conditions for great memories.