The Ultimate Experience Of A Lifetime – Salmon Fishing In Alaska



Every place in Alaska is a scenic overlook and the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. In addition to the natural beauty here, one of the most amazing adventures you can have here is salmon fishing. While King salmon typically get most of the focus, there are other types that you can fish and have the experience of a lifetime. 


Fishing for Alaska King salmon on the Kenai River has you angling for the world’s biggest fish, averaging 35 – 60 pounds. Plenty of 50, 60 or even 70 pound salmon have been caught too. Kasilof River king salmon typically weigh 15 – 35lbs, with some reaching the high 60’s. Trolling in superficial water results in fierce strikes and terrific battles. Beginners and experts take pleasure in success as your guide overviews maneuver the boat to the fish and bring it onboard.  It is absolutely an addicting experience, but the season is short so be sure to book early.


Silver salmon fishing in Alaska are an acrobatic fish that can be caught on spoons, spinners or flies. As prominent as the renowned Kings, they are a hit with returning visitors that like their fun, acrobatic personality. A fantastic catch and release fish, they are great to eat and you should keep a couple of for the freezer back home. August and September trips combine Silvers with trophy Rainbow Trout and Char trips. Casting spinners and flies are both great methods of targeting these terrific game fish while in ta river setting. They typically weigh 6 – 20 pounds. In addition to the wonderful freshwater fishing in the Kenai and surrounding rivers, a few of the finest Silver salmon angling in Alaska takes place annually in the saltwater in Resurrection Bay during July and August.


Pink “Humpback” Salmon are like sockeye, but much better. These fish are perfect for children, beginning fly enthusiasts or anyone wanting to catch more fish than they can count. Pinks are a much less prominent fish for eating once they go into the river, nevertheless if caught in the tidewater in early season, they are perfect for smoking or the barbecue, or anyone who takes pleasure in a milder tasting fish. Their extraordinary numbers when they hit the river from July till the third week of August are genuinely a sight to see. Pinks typical weigh 4 – 10 pounds and will strike virtually anything, anywhere, anytime!


Sockeye Salmon may be Alaska’s the majority of incredible as well as definitely tastiest sporting activity fish. The very first run migrates up the Kenai to the Russian river in May to June, however it’s the second run, in July, which fishermen become most thrilled about. The run can number over a million strong, and thousands upon thousands collect in the rivers. The Sockeye’s eggs provide nutrients for the fat rainbows in August and September. Sockeye ordinary weigh 6 – 10 pounds. Sockeye are best known for their fighting ability.  

So book your Alaska salmon fishing trip today! You’ll have one of the best fishing experiences in your life.