The Best Coolers And Ice Chests For Camping



No one wants to use a styrofoam cooler when heading up to the mountains. Purchase a good quality one that will keep all of your items cold and be durable enough to withstand anything. Listed below are the year’s top coolers and ice chests for going camping.

Yeti Tundra 45  $300

Yeti spearheaded the high-end concept cooler and become one of the most popular designs. This company checks all the boxes we look for: superior cooling and ice retention abilities within a thick, molded construct, outstanding toughness, secure closures, and multiple tie-down slots to quickly safeguard it on a watercraft or truck bed. Throw in Yeti’s styling with a wide variety of colors from straightforward white to neon green, and this is the best cooler for everything from car-camping to roadway tripping or long days on the water.

Coleman 52Quart Cooler  $40

Coleman is virtually synonymous with camping and provides a wide range of products at a reasonable cost. In the budget cooler category, we like their 52-quart version finest. For $40, you obtain a healthy amount of space, Coleman’s cover that accommodates 250 pounds, as well as four helpful insets on the top. This cost-effective cooler is decently durable, looks good, and can be found in 70 or 120 quart dimensions.

Yeti Hopper Back Flip 24  $300

Soft, portable coolers are all the rage in 2020, and if you’ve ever attempted to bring a completely loaded hard-sided version, you’ll know why. At just over 5 pounds, this cooler is an excellent choice for those on the move. Put simply, it’s one of the most comfy backpack-style cooler on the market with sturdy shoulder straps as well as a waist belt that equals or surpasses some backpacks. You get exceptional ice retention with Yeti’s trademark closed-cell foam, a leak proof zipper, a tough outer covering, and ample add-on loopholes along the side.

RovR Products RollR45  $375

If you intend on covering any type of range from your automobile, whether it be to your camping site, a spot along the river, or the beach, wheels can make transporting a cooler much easier. This Colorado-based wheeled-cooler provides is available from 45 – 85 quarts. Each of its coolers has big wheels that really work well over a range of terrain, a long pull handle, and you can even attach this cooler to the back of a bike. 

Coleman Steel Belted Cooler  $120

For many people, Yetis are a bit of overkill. If you want a step up from a budget plan model however do not require superior cooling or a bear-proof functionality, the Coleman Steel Belted is a good choice. At $120, you have a solid construct with steel components, together with a traditional appearance that’s been an essential at camping sites and yard picnics for years. 

IceMule ProLarge  $115

For the ultimate in transportability, backpack-style coolers are the clear winners. A lot of these bags, consisting of IceMule’s Pro series, share a lot in common with normal daypacks. The Pro’s cushioned shoulder bands keep it comfortable when filled down with ice, food, and beverages, and the ventilated back panel helps keep you cool. With a waterproof design, this bag-like cooler holds up well against almost any scratches or tree branches that might puncture normal bags.