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This Year’s Best Hiking Boots For Men And Women

  2020’s top hiking boots to keep your feet comfortable no matter how far you travel. Salewa MTN Trainer Lite Mid GTX This is a boot that does it all. With true to size fitting and a lightweight suede and mesh construction that doesn’t require breaking in, the MTN is great for mellow hikes. At […]


Why You Should Learn Navigation With A Compass And Map

  Ensure you never ever get lost again by learning the underappreciated art of navigating with a compass and map. Even experienced backpackers occasionally disregard their navigating abilities, yet when the path disappears or is covered by snow, knowing how to blaze your very own trail is very important. And even in the age of […]


Top 5 Hiking Trails In The United States

  Have a look at the five best hiking trails in the US, which vary from hilly expeditions to cool oceanside strolls. Maine – Penobscot & Sargent Mountains Two mountain tops, rocky trails and clear ponds make this the most rewarding hike in Acadia. The 5 mile looped trail begins and ends at Jordan Pond […]


5 Trekking Poles To Make Your Next Hike Safer

  Whether you’re a hard core hiker or just a casual walker, trekking poles are a good investment. In this article, we’ve assembled our pick of the very best ones available, to help you select the right one for you. Trekking poles have become more advanced and have become quite obligatory out on the trail, […]


How To Be Responsible By Leaving No Trace While Hiking

  Most people consider hiking as a way to relax, workout, be social, and appreciate the outdoors. Nevertheless, hikers are typically worried about protecting our wilderness areas. With a little dedication, you can apply these concepts the next time you go out for a walk as well as influence others to do it too. It […]