15 Easy Camping Tricks And Tips



Thinking of going camping, but not quite sure where to start? We have some suggestions and techniques to help make your very first outdoor camping experience a fun one. The idea of camping sounds fantastic, right? The smell of a campfire, the noise of laughter, fresh outdoor air and the feeling of memories being made. But if you’re thinking about adding ‘camper’ to your set of skills, it can appear intimidating. Fret not. We have a variety of ideas to make sure your camping experience is enjoyable!

Camping fundamentals

To begin with, you’ll need to have the right equipment. The list can get long: camping tent, sleeping bags, resting pads, devices, sources of light, food, tools to prepare the food, and more. Those are just the basics and you’ll still need all the gear for hiking and other outdoor adventures.

5 camping ideas for the novice camper:

1. Lease or borrow outdoor camping equipment.

2. Try out your gear before you go out. 

3. Pack more than you think you need. 

4. Bring flip flops for the campsite. 

5. Research study your location. What is the climate like? Are there any restrictions? What threats could you experience, like poisonous plants? 

Camp cooking tips

As much as you might have tried as a kid, you can’t live off marshmallows. If you intend on spending your days hiking, kayaking or climbing, you need to prepare solid meals to keep you fed and ready for all of the desired activities.

Five camp cooking suggestions as well as techniques:

1. Do the prep work at home. Prior to leaving on your trip, do most of the cutting and preparing in your own kitchen. This way, when you prepare to eat at the campground, you can just pull out your prepped dish and warm it up over the fire. 

2. Bring quick snacks. Bring along fast treats like apples, peanut butter, granola bars, or beef jerky.

3. Protect all food and trash from animals. Never have food in your camping tent.

4. Make savory dishes. Make tacos or steaks or perhaps pizza, but do not skip over the standards either, there’s nothing like a campfire hotdog.

5. Don’t forget dessert. Campfire orange cinnamon rolls, campfire banana watercrafts, and campfire cones are all yummy treats to make!

Enjoyable outdoor camping concepts

Planning for a little fun is a great idea, particularly if this is your very first time camping. Even if you intend to explore the location, you will still have downtime at night.

Five fun outdoor camping concepts:

1. Create a scavenger hunt for the children. 

2. Ask about becoming a Junior Ranger. Many national parks provide young site visitors the opportunity to sign up with the National Park “family” as Junior Rangers. This program will allow your kids to collect items, share their responses with a park ranger, and get a unior Ranger spot and certificate.

3. Go geocaching. Prior to showing up, study if there will be any type of geocaches in the location where you’ll be outdoor camping. 

4. Bring games. Bring along cards or your favored parlor game to play. 

5. Pack a hammock: Snuggling up with your favorite books and swaying beneath the trees. 

Camping hacks, pointers, and other tips are available online, but the best way to experience camping for the first time is to go with an experienced buddy. They’ll show you the ropes so you will know what to do next time. So get going and enjoy your first camping experience.