10 Genius Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip



Everyone wants to have the best experience when on a camping trip. After years of exploring, countless trips, and many hours spent finding the best ways to improve the outdoor experience, we created a list of ten genius camping hacks.

1) Stay Warm With a Water Bottle

Some nights are cold no matter what kind of equipment you have and some people just have cold feet! One hack for warming up cold nights in the sleeping bag is to fill up a Nalgene water bottle with warm water prior to bed and toss it in the bottom of the bag. This will keep your feet warm and will warm up your whole bag, making you warm throughout the night.

2) Countless Uses for Garbage Bags

When camping, you never know what elements you might face in the wilderness, however we all know that wet gear can ruin a trip. Take a garbage bag to line the inside of your backpack to keep everything completely dry throughout an unexpected rainstorm. If you have an extra one you can cut a hole and use it as a poncho too!

3) Makeshift Pillow

Of all of the items we take camping, bringing a pillow is one of the most forgotten items. Sleeping without a pillow can wreck your neck and make you sore the next day. Fortunately, you can easily make your own pillow by stuffing your sleeping bag stuff sack with clothes. It might not be as comfortable as a regular pillow, but will help elevate your head and give you a better night’s sleep. 

4) Fluffy Sleeping Bag

There is nothing better than hopping into your sleeping bag after a long day of hiking. The trouble is that after cramming your sleeping bag into its sack again and again, it can ball up or lose its fluff. One way to keep your sleeping bag nice for your future journeys is to throw your bag in the dryer with a few tennis balls to keep it nice and fluffy.

5) Spices to Go

For a portable and hassle-free way to bring your favorite spices, take old Tic-Tac boxes and fill them with various spices. No one says campfire cooking needs to be bland, and with this genius idea you will be the favorite camp chef in your group.

6) One Time Use Soap Bar

We enjoy utilizing bars of soap while camping, but the problem is that storing a used bar of soap can be challenging. The good news is that there is a solution. Take your favorite soap and a vegetable peeler. You can peel thin single-use soap bars that are great for keeping you clean without the need for a messy plastic bag.

7) Mini Emergency Kit

Every camper should have a complete first aid kit when traveling, however sometimes you just don’t have the available space to bring when out on the trail. Take an Altoid tin and load it with a couple little first aid essentials, such as band-aids, Neosporin, and gauze in case of an emergency situation.

8) Tiny Fire Starters

Bringing traditional firestarters can add too much weight to your pack, or take up too much room in your pack. With these handy little fire starters, you can feel confident that hardly any space is needed and they are weightless. Take traditional cotton pads and dip them in wax, toss one under your kindling and within seconds you’ll have a roaring campfire.

9) Never Have Soggy Food Again

One issue with keeping ice in the cooler is not only making sure that it doesn’t all melt too quickly and that once it does melt, your food stays dry. A simple remedy for this is to freeze gallon jugs of water to replace a bag of ice. These gallon jugs will remain frozen for longer periods, will not leak into your cooler once they melt.

10) Mosquitoes Be Gone

Some favorite activities like kayaking, fishing, and floating in the river, involve lots of insects around the water. Nobody likes to use bug spray to cover themselves or their clothes in chemicals. Instead, just add a package of sage to your next campfire to keep those bothersome pests away.